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First steps with Ledger Blue

Power on (long press)

Long press the power button 3 secs to turn on your device (or turn off when it is powered on).

Lock (quick press)

Press the power button briefly to lock your Ledger Blue. Press again to unlock the device (your PIN will be required).

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    Power on your Ledger Blue

    Press the side button of your Ledger Blue at least 3 secs to power on your device, and follow the instructions on the screen. You can choose to create a new wallet, or restore a configuration (from a previous Ledger device or any compatible wallet). Whatever your selection, you just need to observe the on-screen instructions all along the process, selecting and validating by a tap on the touchscreen.

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    Choose a PIN code

    Choose and memorize a PIN code that will be requested each time you power on (or unlock) your Ledger Blue. This PIN code can be 4 to 8 digit. Confirm this PIN code and be careful to remember it: 3 wrong successive PIN codes will reset your Blue.

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    Backup your recovery phrase

    Copy on the “Recovery sheet” supplied in the box the 24 words in order of appearance. This step is really important to guarantee you can recover anytime your wallet in case of loss or theft. You won’t be able to finish the configuration without confirming you copied the 24 words by selecting some of them as requested. Keep your “Recovery sheet” in a safe place.

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    Install Ledger Apps

    Once you’ve seen the mention: “Your device is ready”, your Ledger Blue is configured. Now you just have to install the Ledger Apps on your computer to use your wallet. In your Chrome or Chromium 50+ browser, download for free the Ledger Wallet Bitcoin Chrome app or the Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome app. You’ll find these management interfaces on the Apps page. This apps get installed in few seconds, and the upgrades are free.

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    Your Ledger Blue is ready to be used

    Now you can use your Ledger Blue with your Chrome apps on any computer, even a compromised one, to send or receive payments. Each transaction will be verified on the embedded display, and validated by a tap on the touchscreen.

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