Ledger Nano S x2 — Double Pack
2 Ledger Nano S + 1 OTG FREE
Two Nano S that you can configure with the same seed for immediate backup recovery, and a free OTG adaptor for your Android phone or tablet.
Ledger Nano S x6 — Value Pack
5 Ledger Nano S + 1 Nano S FREE
Purchase 5 Ledger Nano S and get one free (you'll get 6 units in total). Ideal for groups or to manage your accounts across multiple devices.
Ledger pack — The full collection
1 Ledger Blue + 1 Ledger Nano S + 1 OTG
Get the best of Ledger products at a special price. Use the Blue at home and always have your Nano S on you with the OTG adapter. Both devices can be configured with the same accounts (same seed).
Pro pack — Ultimate kit
3x Ledger Blue + 6x Ledger Nano S
For serious users and crypto enabled enterprises. Get equipped with the most advanced gear on the market at a preferential price. Each device is delivered in an independent box.