Ledger Wallet

Beta program

Ledger Trustlet (TEE) - Beta 1

Ledger introduces a virtualized Hardware Wallet solution that lets you secure your Bitcoin transactions without additional hardware, relying on the Trusted Execution Environment installed into your smartphone.

GreenBits integration

Mycelium integration


This public beta let you test this solution on Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910C and SM-N910H models only), with GreenBits and Mycelium. Developers can also integrate it into their own services to evaluate the technology. As this is still a beta version, we’d advise you to use it on testnet or with a small amount of Bitcoins.

You can find more information about the design, architecture and security of this solution on our dedicated beta website, https://trustlet.hardwarewallet.com or on /r/LedgerWallet . For specific questions about this beta and further assistance, please contact [email protected]


Ledger Trustlet

1. Download the Ledger Wallet Service application from https://trustlet.hardwarewallet.com You need a network connection to install the Ledger Wallet Trusted Application.

2. The Ledger Wallet Service application will enroll you into the beta and download the Trusted Application automatically when your entry is approved. After the Trusted Application is downloaded, you can use your favorite wallet following the setup instructions.

3. Choose your favorite TEE compatible wallet and follow the instructions: Mycelium or GreenBits


What is the detailed architecture?
The Ledger Trustlet is a secure application running into a Trusted Execution Environment, based on TrustZone. It is leveraging a strong hardware isolation layer to execute sensitive Bitcoin operations (key generation, signature) outside of the reach of malware. We use Trustonic TEE implementation and Intercede as a provisioning (TAM) partner.

How to validate the downloaded application?
It is not possible to check the downloaded application for the time being as it is encrypted. You can however check that the application is behaving properly by auditing the specification and implementations, both for GreenBits and Mycelium. We also plan to switch to a new architecture that’ll allow a deeper auditing of the application shortly.

Can I try to break it?
Definitely. Just let us know, and expect a reward if you impressed us.

Does it work with a custom ROM?
Maybe. Just try it, the beta is free, and please let us know. We’d like to help making it work if it doesn’t.

How many users will be admitted into the beta?
The beta is opened for a few hundred users.

How much will it cost after the beta?
The public price will likely be close to 5€, payable once per device. It’ll stay free for beta users.

How many phones will be supported?
The beta and commercial versions will first run on Samsung Galaxy S6 (including Edge and Edge+), Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910C and SM-N910H) and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (all models). We plan to support more devices during the year, and possibly offer a version that doesn’t need a dedicated interface (Trusted User Interface) for user confirmation on most Samsung phones produced since the Galaxy S3.

Is it Open Source?
It is currently not Open Source. We plan to make meaningful, auditable parts of it Open Source in the near future.

What about the security compared to Ledger Wallet?
It is pretty similar on a software level. On a hardware level, we avoid side channel attacks by using secp256k1 and we assume that the architecture is built to withstand simple fault injections. To summarize, it’s less secure than a smartcard, but more secure than a generic microcontroller, and of course extremely more secure than a barebone Android phone.

What will happen during the beta?
We’ll release several versions and notify users on @LedgerHQ when they need to upgrade. We expect to fix bugs and add additional features, such as BIP 70 requests support. The beta cycle is expected to run for 1 or 2 months.